Direct impact to major Non-Profits around the globe

Learn more below about the various beneficiaries to which the auction held at the 2018 Manuka Doctor Necker Cup presented by Metal, contributes.

Private Donations

The 2018 Manuka Doctor Necker Cup presented by Metal will facilitate and live and online auctions. Private donations are also welcome.

Beneficiary: Virgin Unite
Virgin Unite

The recent hurricanes have left unprecedented devastation across the Caribbean, it is a traumatic time for the British Virgin Islands and the whole surrounding area has been affected. Entire communities and towns have been decimated – and it’s likely it will be some years before the region is fully recovered.

Unite BVI, Virgin Unite and Virgin Limited Edition have launched the ‘BVI Community Support Appeal’ to raise money for the long term reconstruction of the BVI; to fund, support and work with local partners on the ground. We want to help build a better, cleaner, stronger and more sustainable Caribbean region, including a thriving tourism industry.

Unite BVI will be working with the BVI Government and the local community across the whole BVIs, listening to their needs, in order to develop and deliver a plan to support this long term reconstruction.

Virgin Unite’s overheads are covered by Richard Branson and the Virgin Group, meaning that 100% of all donations received go directly to the frontline.

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Beneficiary: National Tennis Foundation
National Tennis Foundation

National Tennis Foundation (NTF), a nationally recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization, has become a leading advocate for exceptional student athletes regardless of race or economic means. NTF strives to provide scholarships to student athletes who seek annual, full, or part-time training programs that foster excellence in tennis and academics.

Following the recent hurricanes, the Las Vegas Chapter of the NTF has been housing and training for some of the top players displaced by the devastation.

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